Conduct user interviews, without the hassle.

Saizmo helps you save time by automatating outreach, scheduling, and compensation for user research interviews.

Spend less time recruiting participants and more time on research

Saizmo helps you save time by taking care all the logistics of the user interviews: from recruitment to compensation.


We have thousands of testers recruited from all over the world. Add filters to your research criteria to make sure you are speaking to your target audience.


Forget about the back-and-forth. Connect your calendar, configure the interview limits and let the testers book the meetings with you.


No downloads, random links or usernames. Our platform has video calling built in, so you can talk with your customers and record the session (screen + voice).

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Review all your research and videos in one place, and share them easily with your team. Highlights the important moments during the interview and easily jump back to them.

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Once your interview is completed, we'll make sure your testers get paid seamlessly via PayPal. No need to track and manage your outgoing payments.

Flexible pricing

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per credit
  • 30 minutes of interview = 1 credit
  • 60 minutes of interview = 1.5 credit
  • Recruitment, scheduling, interview platform, video analysis and user compensation included.
  • What is a user interview?

    Our user interview is a one-on-one, video conference with a users from your target audience. You will be able to share your screen and record all the interview to share with your colleagues.

  • Do I have to pay people I interview?

    Nope! We build user compensation into your credit cost. Our incentive (which is included in the price) for B2C focused research is €20 for a 30 minute interview, and is passed directly to testers via PayPal. When you're looking for experienced professionals in the B2B field, we may need to increase the tester incentive to anything between €60-100, depending on the exact field you're looking for.

  • What happens if my interviewee is a no-show?

    It happens, but we are trying hard to reduce the number of no-shows by sending personalized followups and reminders to the users. If happens, we will try to get you a replacament ASAP.